Should you purchase backlinks for your website?

My advice from the start is to NEVER purchase backlinks, here’s why!




If you search Google or Youtube for the phrase backlinks, you will stumble across many posts stating that the more backlink to your site, the better and faster it will rank on Google. Well….. Technically this may have some truth to it, but going out and creating as many backlinks as possible may not have the best effect on your site, and in some cases can harm it.

There are three types of backlinks, Black hat, Grey hat and White hat. Let’s look at these now

Black Hat backlinks

Black hat is using unethical methods to rank higher in search engine results. These links are basically just put anywhere on the internet so they can be found by search engines. They have little or no relevance to the site they are put on. The sole aim with black hat links is to post many, let the search engines find them then achieve a high ranking on those search engines.

This is a very old practice, search engines especially Google have smart algorithms, and they will detect this. When (not if) they do, it will harm your site, they can decide to not list your site at all.

Grey Hat backlinks

Grey hat links still have great risk involved, and they chance your site being penalized is 50/50.

White Hat backlinks

White hat links are genuinely good quality links.  They are created over an extended period of time. For example, social media profiles will provide a white hat link. Having good quality content on your site that people like and link to is a good quality link. Commenting on other blogs with good quality comments is another good quality link.

In a world with some much information at our fingertips, it can be easy to be lead astray. If you go to and search for backlinks, you will see a number of freelancers offering you high-quality backlinks.

Are they really high quality?

Will it work?

Is there any risk involved?


Let’s look at the scenarios.

1.  It won’t work,

So you purchased your backlinks, the freelancer sends you an excel sheet with all the links to where your URL is and…….. Nothing happens, there is no change at all to your site visits. This could be that they are on low-quality site or the wrong sites.

2. It will work,

A short while after you purchased your gig you are starting to see an increase in traffic to your website.

Horrayy. Yes. You are cheering and punching the air.


Now your links are all over the internet when Google next crawls these sites, what will it make of them. Will it see them as white hat or black hat? If it sees them as white hat, there is no problem. If it sees them as black hat, you now have a major problem. Your site will be punished, and for how long, nobody knows. It could be the end of your website.

Was it really worth it?

Here is my advice. Forget the backlinks; they are not worth the risk and time worrying about. Focus your time on creating amazing long content. This will not boost your site overnight but will result in a gradual increase, they great thing with doing it this way is that the increase is consistent as the quality content is there on your site.

If you have read some of my other blogs, you will know I am all for content. Google is always changing its algorithm; it may have changed twice in the duration it took me to write this blog. An algorithm change may affect bad backlinks; it will not affect good quality content.

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