Top 10 habits to start in 2019

A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. You are capable of doing your things beyond your limits.  Your habits can be a powerful tool to challenge the limits you have in your lives. It can be your weapon to win the fight you encounter every day. As you develop and mature, your habits should also be positively inclined. However, some habits drag you down. The habits that made you feel incomplete in the past need to be altered with the once that will absolutely dramatically change your life and be successful in the future. Do you want to live happily? Don’t allow yourself to live in the same habit. Always expect constant changes.Here are the 10 useful habits that will lighten your year, strengthen your month and brighten your day. 

1.  Challenge yourself – never get comfortable

In this world, a lot of the people are living in their comfort zones, familiar situations, being with the same people and afraid of change. Challenge yourself by doing things outside of your safety net. Always aim higher, bigger and don’t just be content with the success that you have at the moment. Always remember that the more you try things; the bigger your world will become and more fulfilling and meaningful life will be. Imagine yourself being covered by fears. Imagine yourself being limited to reach the happiness that you really dream of. Isn’t it tiring? Isn’t it boring? Try to be more adventurous in life! Challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself, a better today than yesterday. Every day is a challenge. The more you challenge yourself the more complete you’ll achieve. The more you challenge yourself, the more confident you’ll become to face the other circumstances. Challenge your limits. Don’t allow yourself being limit by your challenges. 

Challenging yourself will lead to an increase in confidence. If you have self-confidence, you will learn how to show the best version of yourself to others. If others see that power in you, you will gain self- esteem which will help you realize your value as a person and self-actualization. 

2.  Be honest with yourself

It is hard to face the truth that we thought we are not capable to do as what other people do. But, I am telling you, being yourself is vital as you are unique. You are different from others. Don’t compare yourself to what others have achieved. You are a unique individual. Don’t feel embarrassed to accept the fact when you commit mistakes. Be honest to yourself. You are the only one who can figure out yourself. No one will ever do. If you think you are not capable of doing things, be honest. If you think you have a lot of insecurities in life, be honest. If you think you have a lot of weaknesses, be honest! But remember, mistakes, insecurities and weaknesses are there for you to use as your strength. Use them to build yourself up. Do not pretend to be someone else just to make good on others. Be yourself! Be honest but exert effort to change for a better you! Being honest of your failures is not something you will be ashamed of. That makes you different from others. Always remember, if you’re not honest to yourself, if you are in denial about your weaknesses and failures, there is no room for improvement in your life. If there is no room for improvement in your life, life is as boring as hell. 

3.  Networking – meet more like minded people 

“No one is an Island”, Living alone is like a lion living in a dungeon. Reach others by connecting yourself to them who you think can build you not tear you apart. When networking, your focal point should always be on win-wins and building long-lasting relationships. This will mean always being receptive and flexible. Entrust these skills to other facets of your life and watch your relationships proliferates.

Surround yourself with people who share the same goals, passion, and ideals. We are all different but in some instances, it is not impossible to have people with common point of view in life. Why do we need to connect with others? We are living in a world where social media and other churva are trending. But it is very important to not only connect yourself in social media but creating a relationship with people around you who support you and understand your endeavour. Connecting with other people will make you more confident and develop your interpersonal skills. Networking brings you outside of your comfort zone. It helps you communicate with others.  When you develop your interpersonal skills, you can express more yourself and show your sense of individuality to others. Not only you communicate with them but also you allow yourself to listen to them. When you open yourself to others, different windows of your life will also be opened. You will grow as a person, the world that you are living will be meaningful and you’ll learn beyond your limits. This selected people around you will give meaning to your world. As your life becomes meaningful, opportunities will come and positive impression towards things around you will be created. Always remember to put this habit as you roar of your success like a lion and defeat your challenges. 

4.  Re-frame – be more positive in life 

It says that as you are strong psychologically you are also strong physically. It is how you should reframe your life and turn away from pessimism. It is also important that you view every difficult situation with a silver lining.  Be optimistic! Renew your habit by looking at the bright side of life. It gives you power and fulfilment. It makes burdens lighter when you handle things with positivity. Being negative is like trying to grab a knife and stabbing yourself. Negativity leads you to death psychologically, spiritually and physically. It drains your energy and keeps you away from your success. Stand up! Be vigilant! Be assertive of what you really want in, life.  Resist the crafty voice that keeps whispering negative thoughts. Train yourself to think happy thoughts. Because happy thoughts will bring you a happy and joyous life. Meditate, reflect, and indulge yourself with things that will give you a positive thought such as physical fitness, healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and a healthy environment. Always inculcate in your mind that everything is your choice. Don’t allow the negativity drag you down and steal your dreams. 

5.  Be more organised – Schedule everything 

The way you organize things, events, etc. affects your productivity. Have you ever experienced waking up early in the morning with a mess around, arriving work late because you misplaced your key somewhere else and you tried to find it, thrown important documents by accident because of disorganization or had a conflict with schedule? How did it feel?  Did it make your day stressful and unproductive? Did it consume too much time? Absolutely your answer is yes! Those are just few of the things we sometimes don’t given too much value. Due to disorganization, others are also affected by your actions. Imagine a party set at 3 pm and the visitors arrived at 8 pm because of disorganization or the other way around. How does it affect each other’s mood? If you are stressed, people around will also be stressed and ends up with unfruitful day. This habit needs to be changed. You need to schedule everything. You need to organize your thoughts, events in your life and even the things that you need every day. Organization maximizes your time, impact your performance and boosts your mental, physical and emotional health. Thus productivity increases and stress decreases. 

6.  Set goals – Appreciate your accomplishments 

The basic concept of personal growth and transformation is appreciating your accomplishments in life and revisiting your failures for improvement and enhancement. The failures that you had are tools for you to set higher goals yet attainable and realistic for this year. Examine yourself first, use metacognition every day to create purposive goals that will lead to your success. Creating goals which are not attainable are useless and time stealer. Start setting your goals right now with positivity and progressivism. Meaning, start from small goals short term that will lead you to your big long term goals. 

7.  Read more – invest in yourself. (Audio books)

Social media is very informative and helpful but don’t allow it to drain your energy and consume your whole day on social media without digesting valuable information. Invest in reading or use audio book that has educational topics. Reading nowadays is obsolete because we are now in the 21st century. Try to watch educational video or use audio books. People who advocate on auditory learning postulate that a good listener best retains the information through audio. It says that through repeated playback of the audio the information will eventually sink and deposited into the memory bank. Enhancing your auditory skills will maximize your time and allows you to do multitasking. It is proven that audio books allow you to be more creative and productive. It helps you to use your time meaningfully. Grab the opportunities brought to you by the mobile technology.

8.  Take notes – record ideas ect (successful people take notes)

No matter how brilliant or how good in memory you are, taking notes is very effective in making your life in order. Nobody can remember everything. You are perceived as being more interested and intelligent if you take note during the discussion. You can track the events, things in life and it makes things easier. Notes are very useful in recording data and the sources of that information. Notes carve data and information kinesthetically and allow you to remember what the words you read and heard. It also helps you to focus more and listen effectively and accurately. Choosing what to jot down increases your comprehension. Notes build a source for any preparation. When you take notes, you are most like to be productive. 

9.  Dont be afraid of making mistakes (I do)

Does anyone here a hundred percent perfect as stainless? You know in the deepest of your heart that all of us aren’t. So if you think that you are a failure because of your past mistakes, you should follow through and bear in mind the few things listed below: 

Mistakes are there for you to learn. Don’t be afraid to try things. It is not the mistakes that count but the experience that you had and how you overcome and correct them. That learning you got from that mistake will be treasured for the rest of your life. If you’ve been through many mistakes in life, just keep on standing. Don’t give up! Always remember that mistakes can make even a stronger version of yourself. You should use those flaws as your motivation to do things better next time. 

First, do not be hard on yourself. Whether you feel troubled, annoyed or unsettled admit the feelings you are experiencing then scrap it at that. You need to be flexible all the time, forgive yourself, consider a silver lining behind your mistakes, view your mistakes as your teacher in life, and most importantly nobody’s perfect!

10.  Be humble, you don’t and can never know everything.

The affective domain is the most powerful tool to be successful in life. Humbleness is one of the products of the affective domain in learning in life. As a person who aims to succeed in life, you should be humble in all aspect as humility allows you to build trust, trust is the key to leadership development and reaching your goals. Why is humility the powerful weapon in achieving your goals in life? Emotional quotient is greater than Intelligence quotient. Have you remembered the most brilliant leader in your organization or department but possess arrogance? What happened to him? Did he build trust among his subordinates or the people above him? Where is he now? He’s probably in nowhere and nobody. Humility is the best character that allows you to improve yourself. If you are humble, you are teachable. If you are teachable, you never stop learning. If you don’t stop learning, you grow inch by inch. Inch by inch becomes massive. People who accept their failures are the strongest people in this world. Being ill-tempered, frustrated and angry at failures and losses are products of hatred and ego which is rampant in this world where you are currently living. It is your time to realize humility as an asset for inner well- being.  If you add humility with your passion in life, you’ll fly high like an eagle to the top and overcome failures and frustrations positively.

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