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Site ground, the perfect solution for start-ups.

Review of Web Hosting

Start up web hosting solutions from Siteground

Do you want to be accessible to the 3.4 billion internet community?

Internet visibility is the first and most significant option if you are starting your business. It does not matter if you are working in technology or not; all businesses need an internet presence. To achieve the goal of internet visibility you need to think about hosting. The web hosting is the first decision you need to take. is one of the most established and renowned brands in this domain of business. is being recommended by many. Click here to visit their website. Its market significance can be understood by the fact that it has been officially endorsed by, Drupal, and Joomla. Its hosting services are offered to 800000 customers worldwide with its servers across three continents. It was started in 2004 with just one employee and grew to be one of the biggest in the hosting business.

Before jumping to critical reviews, it is essential to have some knowledge about the plans it is offering to its customer.


The first plan is called a startup plan, and it is excellent for new users. It will cost you $3.95 a month. The offer includes one website hosting, handles 10000 unique visitors a month, has static cache, 24/7 support, SSL encryption, free CDN, unlimited emails, unlimited DB’s, free daily backups and free site migration.

Grow big

The next plan is for professional users. It will cost you $5.95 a month. The offer includes multiple website hosting, can handle 25000 unique visitors, 30 backup copies, Free SSL wildcard, for one year, three levels of supercacher which improve loading time significantly, prioritized customer support. has excellent customer support but grow big users are handled with priority.

Go Geek

The go geek plan is designed for high bandwidth clients. It will cost you $11.95 a month. The offer includes multiple hosting of websites and can handle 100000 unique visits a month. It has all the other features of the first two plans in addition to that 1-click install of WordPress, PCI compliance and well-managed servers with fewer accounts.
In addition to that, it also offers the following, Domain at $9.95, easy signup process and credit card as payment method. You have to pay $14.95 a month if you are planning to spend monthly. The account activation is quick; cpanel is the tool to setup your website, it allows you to install all major platforms like Drupal, WordPress, etc. via softaculous.

Hosting packages offered by Siteground

Detailed review

To review the hosting of we have set up three preliminary parameters, uptime, speed and support. There are other parameters like additional features, but we will see that later.

What if your website is inaccessible and you lose your potential client. Uptime is one of the leading aspects of any website. Now, is something interesting to cope up this issue, rather than using readymade solution they have created their in-house programs to manage it. It ensures quality and honesty by this they mean what they are doing. In addition to that, they have taken few other inspiring steps

They have built their server monitoring system, which monitors every 0.5 seconds and fixes any problem automatically. Don’t forget they have 13 years of experience and it matters when it comes to bug fixes and improvisation against difficulties. uses Linux platform for server web hosting, which makes it very stable.

Siteground was one of the first in the market to use account isolation technology to ensure client security.
According to assessment siteground had only 12 outages in the whole year of 2016 which is impressive. The average uptime was 99.98% which is one of the best in industry.

Speed or Load time

Speed and load time is another critical feature. Perhaps it is one of the most critical elements among all of them. According to one statistic after 4 seconds of loading time, people start abandoning a loading web page, and after 10 seconds 50% user lose hope. Just image if you are running an e-commerce platform and the response time is slow. You can lose all of the money just because of that.

Average load time of site ground is 483ms which is a lot faster than 1059ms load speed of other hosting platforms. It is important to note down here that it is excellent and consistent.


Last but not the least, client support is a significant feature of any service. In web hosting, it is one aspect which set you apart. pays particular attention to customer support. It is not easy to handle 800+ phone calls, 100+ tickets and 2000+ chats every day. The support is being provided in three languages Spanish, English and Italian. The staff of over 230 people are working on different shifts to help customers.

The official customer support review published by siteground shows that they have 96% satisfaction level form, clients.
The siteground team is very helpful, and they extend their services well beyond hosting. They also help you with your CMS issues as well.

Review Of Managed Hosting With WordPress one of the great features Siteground is offering is managed WordPress hosting on all accounts. But before digging deep, it is crucial to understand this phrase of “managed WordPress hosting.”
Managed WordPress hosting means that siteground is managing your WordPress website in terms security, speed, support, updates, and enhancement tools to be provided. Siteground is using state of the art solid state drive hardware platform which is more secure concerning mechanical drive disks. Apart from that they are continuously monitoring your WordPress security and are updating it. The daily backups help in case you lose control of your work while installing a conflicting plug-in. They have their built-in super-cache technology to improve your web work fast. But that’s not all, they are giving fantastic additional features in their “grow big” and “go geek” plans.

Security add-on

Security is the primary concern on the web nowadays and cannot be ignored. Siteground is providing great security options in WordPress hosting in addition to that they are also offering additional security features to all hosting sizes. Their primary tools include spam assassin, leech protect, IP address blacklist, and hot links.

E-commerce Installs

One of the fastest growing industry is e-commerce and cannot be ignored. Some of the leading CMS for e-commerce like Magento can be very problematic while installation especially if you are not aware of the technology. Thanks to siteground it helps you to install 18 leading e-commerce platforms with just one click.

Transfer of existing website

Like many other web hosting providers on the market siteground will transfer your site within 24 hours form other hosting platforms, and siteground provides this service completely free. You may get this feature free of cost from others but the time to transfer is terrific with siteground.


Siteground is the name of quality but as we all know quality comes with the price. But siteground is proving quality service at a very affordable price.

Money Back Guarantee for 30 day

The site ground approach is little different when it comes to new users. Most of the web hosting companies provide free hosting for a trial period. Siteground provides 30 days money back guarantee.

How good for startups

It is essential to understand here that a service might be useful for one type of customer but it is not necessary that it is good for all. Before diving into the question that how good is siteground for startups let’s see what can be the problems of startups and review site ground accordingly.


A budget can be a problem for a startup and should be addressed. No matter how good is the funding we always want to spend less on resources and more on marketing. There are many other service providers in the market which might cost less than siteground, but they don’t provide the same amount of quality. More than ever quality is a concern in every startup because of its new with no client base at all. If you are not providing quality to your customer from the start, how can you grow or even come to the breakeven point? If you are getting cheap service which has high loading time or downtime you may lose your customer by 60% without even having the chance to use your product or service.

Time of establishment

Establishing time is very important when it comes to startups. If your startup is e-commerce or any other technology based which is directly affected by your presence on the internet, then time is significant to get started. Suppose you are establishing an online store, and your cheap web hosting does not give an option of single click WordPress install. It will automatically increase your time to bring your product to the market.

Lack of technical knowledge

Lack of technical expertise can be a problem. You have a brilliant idea relating to an online store and don’t know how to establish a website. Or maybe you lack technical guys on your team to manage hosting issues. In these scenarios, siteground helps you a lot. With its features of a single click, wp install and managed to host you can save a lot of time and money. In addition to that, the super caching feature can help you to get more out of what you want.

How good for entrepreneurs?

Grow can be a great plan for entrepreneurs as it has multiple we hosting feature. Every idea which has the potential to go viral on the internet needs quality in less time and without a problem. Siteground saves you here by managing your WordPress platform, keeping it secure and robust. It provides you markets best response rate with the great up time and in case of problems an excellent support. All of these feature at a very affordable price to make your idea a reality.

Disadvantages of site ground

Nothing is perfect in this world, and it is not possible that a service has no flaws.

Setup Free

One of the biggest flaws is their promotion policy, they offer very low monthly prices, but in reality you have to choose 2-3 year plan to obtain that pricing. Most of the other service provider dot offer monthly plans.
Yes, siteground truly offers the monthly plan but don’t go for it because it will cost you a lot. The cheapest monthly plan is 14.95 dollar.

Storage Space

Siteground is right website hosting service with excellent customer support and additional features. They are providing SSD support at a great price. Where is the catch then? The catch is that siteground is conservative about their storage space they offer you 10 GB space for startup plan if space is your concern then you need to go for growing big plan which is offering 20 GB. The space siteground is providing is relatively less than the other service providers.


We need to conclude everything to finalize our analysis. Siteground is a great web hosting service for those who care about customer service. If your goal is to work with e-commerce platforms and WordPress siteground can be a good starting point. Pricing is reasonable and can be rated as good in comparison to other service providers. Some of the great things about site ground are as follows

• Money back guarantee for 30 days
• Satisfactory pricing
• Free e-commerce installs and security add-on
• Free web transfers
• Free WordPress hosting
• Great customer support
• Top level response time
• Great up time.
Disadvantages are following
• Setup fee for monthly plans
• Limited storage space available
• Complicated process for money back guarantee

Siteground can be a great starting point for entrepreneurship and startups. It will allow them to focus on other things rather than stuck up in hosting issues, installation problems, uptime issues, response time problems, and security concerns. It is worth noting down here that security can be a next big ditch for your new viral idea. Siteground can save you from that.

After all this discussion, it is a big “Yes” in our opinion.

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