How to get real free traffic to a website

Unsurprisingly, for website’s owner, the most important aspect is “Website Traffic”; imagine this scene, you review your yearly analytics, and it shows you had over one million visitors last year. Yes, this is crucial for any business to rank high in search results and be popular worldwide, yet to actually achieve this can be very difficult! 

Well, if you are looking for ways to get Real Traffic to a website then great! You’ve come to the right place! Let’s look at some basic tips on how to get free traffic to your website.

Website Content Optimising:

It can take years to build the content of a website, yet if it is not optimised, the results of this effort will be non-existent. Website experts have named optimisation as the “Foundation” to attract massive traffic to a site. However, the question is, how do we optimise content? 

Well, first we make sure our content is useful, not to the writer but to the reader, will it answer their questions? We also want to make sure the site looks friendly and is easy to move about on the website. This helps it to perform better on search engines. 

Be Social

Do you love being on social media? I personally, and I neglected this area for a long time, but, now I have realised its importance and seen the true potential! In the article here, I talk about which Social media platforms are best for businesses. 

Overall social media can bring a large amount of real traffic to the website. It would be best if you were proactive, go and get social. Share the content, images, and products with your followers online. Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube are the best in this regards. 

A large proportion of internet users are active on Social media platforms, and these sites Display Advertisements. A recent study suggested that advertisements could help business owners achieve a 50% increase in visitors. Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to advertise in their groups for free. 

Catchy Details and Attractive Headlines

Humans are always in search of something new and different. Once we start to Google something, it shows hundreds of websites and most of them offer the same content. What’s New? Nothing! We must be able to touch the visitors’ weak points. The chosen Content Marketing Strategy must be applicable yet powerful. Think and present what people demand and what could be the need of time. Start with an impressive headline that could hold the visitors’ hand and take them towards the site. You must be able to add something exceptional that none other had displayed earlier.  

The key to this is to be “different” this will make your company and brand stand out. 

Get your Job Done with Content Audit

Make sure your content is working for your site with a content audit, it offers several benefits including:

    Identifies the problems in the content.

    Marks the content as high or low quality.

    Improves the structure of sentences.

    Betters the SEO.

    Increases the rate of Conversation. 

There’s no denying content is the main pillar of most website, if your content is strong you have a much higher chance of bringing in more traffic to your site. 

If you would like to discuss your tailor-made Website Audit you can contact us here.

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