How to Promote a New Website

You could have the best product or service in the world, however, without effective advertising, nobody will ever know about it. Just because you have launched your website on the internet doesn’t mean that everybody will come flocking to it. In fact, at the beginning the only people who know it exists are you, and the ones you tell, nobody will know it’s there unless you get out there and promote it. Getting visitors to your site does not happen overnight, it takes time and a lot of effort. 

There are numerous services available that will help you get the word out there, some of these these services will cost you money, and there  are multiple methods to get the word out totally free. Here are some website promotion guidelines you need to observe to get your web page infront of your target audience.

Try to Rank your website in search engines

SEO is one of the most important factors for any website, as it has the capability to drive a large amount of visitors to your website. When people use search engines they generally do not leave page one of the Google search results so  If you don’t optimize for search engines, you probably won’t be found by the majority of people. Search engine optimisation require you to use appropriate techniques to make your site more search engine in a friendly way. These include;

  • ensuring that your web page is nicely organised and smooth to navigate; 
  • using keywords for your titles, the words and phrases people will be searching for to answer their querie
  • subheadings and textual content; 
  • writing good quality content that answers questions people are searching for. Make sure this is content that will engage your visitor and make them want to stay on the page and site for longer. 

You can read more about how to rank on Google quicker here. 

Promote your site on social media

Social media is another way to promote your site and get people to visit. The biggest search engine in the world is Google, but second is Youtube, so this is one platform you cant afford to miss out on. You can effortlessly set up an account on any social media platform such as Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc, and create posts and videos with links to your website. You could additionally use pictures and videos of your services/products as well as imparting discounts and special offers. 

Feel free to read my post on the most effective social media accounts for business here. 

Drive Traffic via Email

There are two ways you can use email to generate site visitors. 

Firstly, you have to make sure that each email you send has a simple website link covered for your signature. This way, even non-promotional emails may be used to help people find a way to your site. People can copy/ paste that hyperlink and share it with other users.

The second way to apply email is to set an email advertising campaign. By getting your existing site visitors to sign up for your emails via a pop-ups screen when they visit your website, you could send them future advertising/marketing emails with links to specific landing pages on your website. This should be a primary goal from the beginning to collect emails, when you create a new blog, people on your list will be emailed and potentially revisit your site. 

Appropriate online advertising and marketing.

On-line advertising, such as pay per click (PPC) services offered by Google AdWords and Facebook ads, can be a treasured source of traffic. The advertising companies put your adverts on relevant search engine results, and targeted ads to potential customers – this helps them be visible to lots of potential clients. The technology utilised by these firms/companies ensures that only relevant people see your adverts and also you only pay if they click on your advert.

There are significant differences between Facebook ads and Google AdWords so read this article here to make sure you make the right choice. 

Web Address on paper

Your website address must be on every piece of paper you deliver out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a flyer, letter, or any other piece of communication.

You should also create promotional material specially designed to get people to visit your website. For example, quite a lot of eBay dealers place little cards in their packaging with links to their website. They also include a discount code to grab visitors to online sites. These methods are an appropriate way to generate new and repeat business. 

Web address on display

There are several ways to get your official website address seen by lots of people. You may try any of the subsequent in case you find them suitable for your business: 


        car and van door stickers, 

        shop window stickers, 


        back of bus ads, 

        plastic and paper bag printing, 

        key rings, 

        pens and pencils, 


The list is huge. It would be best if you didn’t underestimate the potential that these techniques have for generating site visitors they allow your website address to be seen by lots of people and are excellent for reminding people that your business is there.

Did I miss any basic website promotion ideas? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below. 

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