How to use Youtube to increase traffic to your website


Youtube is becoming much more than an entertainment platform. There are certain things you need to know before sending traffic to your website. The internal algorithm of youtube works in a way that session time is given certain precedence.  The question is what session time is? Session time is the time a user spends on your video/channel. If you are sending your audience to the website in early stage and it is not retained on the channel, then there are specific problems. Youtube will make your ranking low in the search results. So the point here is that traffic on your website should be worth it to shift users to it. 

The factor of sending people to other places then youtube is significant. So it is highly recommended to do such effort only if it makes excellent business sense. The e-marketing gurus have suggested a unique idea while sending people off to youtube. They mostly suggest subscribing the users to email listings, so that they can be retargeted for your product or services. It is considered as bad practice to send people off youtube. But there are certain approaches to do it; we are going to mention that later in the article.      

Create a youtube channel using your website name

If you want to develop your business on the internet, it is important to have a youtube channel of the same name. Let us suppose if your domain name is ABC, then you can have channel. Now if anyone will search google your channel can appear by the name But not so fast, there is some hard work involved. There should have at least 100 subscribers. So you need to focus on developing 100 subscribers to achieve it. All you have to do is to make awesome content regularly and promote audience to subscribe the channel. 

Embed a video on your website

You have to share a video on as many websites as possible. One of the easiest ways to do it is to write a blog on your website and embed a youtube video. Youtube makes the process quite easy. It will give you tremendous exposure across the internet.  

Share and submit your videos.

Next step is to submit your content to popular social platforms across the internet. You can share it on FB fan pages, google plus, twitter, Instagram, etc.  

Unique creations

The Internet is all about uniqueness; if you are producing something which is different from others, there is an excellent chance that people will share it. Sharing gives a boost to your market strategy. The youtube videos which you shared across different platforms, if it contains your site address, your logo and URL can have a very positive effect. These steps will improve the branding of your services and products.

Branding and profile linking

The discussion above brings us to one big step, and that is profile building and branding. Whether you are selling a product or service the presence across the internet helps you to have a strong footprint. The search engine algorithms, customers and experts in the field always want you to have a robust presence. It will make you a legit brand or company. Your professional appearance does few significant things. 

-It establishes that you are legit and investing some time and money into it.

-It helps to improve connectivity and accessibility to your end customers.

-It is a big leap towards branding 

Personas and analytics

If you have an even small presence on youtube, it can pay you back. You can use youtube analytics to understand the market for your service or goods. Different analytics platforms can help you to find the right place to market. 

Google search visibility

Youtube can help to improve Google search visibility. The queries in search engines can be of variety, for example, some people want to see a video content rather than read a web page, in such cases, Google has your youtube videos to show.

There are many SEO properties that your website should have to qualify for better ranking in the search engine. However, if you have a youtube video it can be easily ranked as youtube understands the best practices of SEO. Now all you have to do is to have better linking back your website from youtube.  


Link youtube to your website via description links and call to action overlays. 

Links to the youtube description

The easiest way to send people off youtube to your website is to have links in the description box below the video. To edit the description area of any video is using the edit button, which is also known as pencil or info and setting. There are three lines of description visible without clicking any “show more” button. You need to utilize these three lines intelligently. The professional marketers use the first line for giving a message like “to find out more click here”, and then the link is shared on the second line. It is important to use the link in the following manner otherwise it won’t link entity. 

The next step you need do is to track these links through google analytics code. Keep in mind that you should not put too many links in the description. If you make things messy, the audience will be confused and won’t click anything.  

Links in Call to Action

Call to action overlay is something that appears when your video starts. It sometimes appears in the bottom left corner. It is “chatterbox”. The overlay appears once the video starts and it has the option to be closed by the user. You get these while you promote your video via AdWords. 

The interesting thing here which a lot of people don’t know is that you can put a video in a queue to part of your campaign and don’t activate it. Your call to action will still work although ad is permanently in pause mode. So it becomes a kind of free advertisement for your website, FB page or any other URL you want to target. Interestingly it can also appear on the mobile device. 

How to create CTA

1-You have to set up paused AdWords for the video to promote

2-Get to the video Tab

3- Click the plus box next to “Add to call action overlay.” 

You can have

1-Headline of up to 25 characters

2-An image of 74×74 Pixel

3-Destination URL

4-Enabling for mobile

How to drive traffic to associate webs

Marketers suggest anyone can do linking from YouTube to your FB, website or any other platforms. However, it is not that simple you can’t link out to any other source. Youtube has a process of verifying things, and that is you should have ownership of the domain. They make sure that you’re not going to drive people to malicious sites. It is an anti-spam procedure on YouTube, so videos don’t all become spam-link generators and affiliate sales.

Here’s how you do it:

1.    Step one is to verify YouTube account (at by sending an authentication to your cell phone.

2.    You have to go Advanced channel settings. then add website to “Associated website.” It will be in pending status until verified.

3.    In the third step, you have to add a blank HTML file, or through Google Analytics or numerous other methods. It is a very similar process as when you add analytics tracking for Google Analytics or confirmed your website for Google’s Webmaster Tools.

4.    Once it’s authenticated, you’ll see in “advanced channel settings” that it has a green signal next to it.

Now that your website is confirmed, you’ll see a drop-down with your annotations that says “Associated website,” which will help you to link any URL on that domain. Some of the youtube accounts can also add additional associated websites, but it’s not clear why some accounts have this functionality and others have not. However, Twitter or Facebook cannot be linked, since you do not own those web domains.

The redirects through YouTube are strictly forbidden and Youtube can lock-down your account and limit you. E-marketers usually do not recommend redirects to your website.

Keyword data

Unlike other platforms, youtube provides keyword data via youtube analytics. In your dashboard navigate to your channel dashboard, then to analytics, then the traffic sources and click the Youtube search. 

All the sources you find here are the keywords people used to land on your channel. Interestingly it is presenting the searches on youtube, but experience from here can help a lot on other platforms. It sheds light on people behavior that is looking for your content. It can immensely help to know the keywords which can be used in your videos and their titles to make them optimized for certain keywords.    

Youtube advertising

Youtube has changed the dynamics of video content. In television, you could not comment or share. However, youtube has made it possible. The advertisement on tv was also not affordable for everyone. Youtube has made the adverts in access of any small to medium enterprises.  It can be a great platform to target the audience here and redirect them to your websites or social links. Youtube offers three type of ads, true view in-stream ads, true view in display ads and bumper ads.  

Retargeting the audience 

You can retarget to your youtube audience through google ad words. Under the youtube dashboard, you can link your channel to AdWords account. You can build your audience list around people, who watch your content, who take actions, e.g., like, dislike, comment, and share.

Youtube is a platform which loves to keep you focused on their website. Their policy is defined in such a way that you cannot redirect from youtube to other affiliate programs. They validate the links which you are redirecting. In such situation, you have to be extremely cautious about what you are doing.  To use youtube for marketing purpose, the first thing you have to do is to create a youtube channel. It will be having a great advantage if you get the same name as your domain or brand name.  Your YouTube channel can become somewhat like this To achieve this, you should have at least 100 subscribers. Youtube gives you an excellent opportunity to embed videos to other platforms. You upload the videos to the youtube and can just use it to embed in other blogs. An excellent way to have the footprint on the internet is by sharing your content on different social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and google plus. If you want your content to be shared by the audience, it is essential to create unique content.  Building a profile and branding is a significant step towards marketing your service and products on the internet.  All it makes you legit and your customers have better accessibility. Youtube you to optimize the search engine as well. Youtube understand the SEO very well if someone is looking for the content relevant to you and the search is a video then your youtube content is likely to be hit.  The link in the youtube description is a great way to redirect your audience. If you want to drive traffic from associate webs, then there is an authentication process. Youtube verifies that you are not spamming the platform.  Youtube also helps you to keyword optimization across the search engines. The record of keywords people have used to land on your channel can be used to optimize on other search engines. Youtube advertising has changed the way we use to advertise on Televisions. It has given access to medium enterprises a good marketing option. Youtube adverts can be a source to target the audience and build your brand. The good news is that you can retarget your youtube audience via Google AdWords.  

Youtube is an excellent platform for marketing, but it can also utilize a lot of your time, energy and resource. You need to set up a goal first and then move forward.

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