How to kick start 2019 as a blogger with goals

I started 2018 with many ideas but was very unclear on how to implement them. I purchased about 10 domains last year with plans of getting them all up and running. How nieve I was. I tried to plan but failed in this respect. I made many goals, achieved some and failed some. Overall I am happy as all of this led me to the stage I am at now. 

As 2019 has come along, I wanted to plan and implement the steps needed to achieve my goals properly. I will not carry on making the same mistakes. I will achieve my goals this year. This year will be my year. 

How, well I set out a plan to start this year fast out of the gate, consistency is critical when blogging, I want to share with you my ideas, and would like you guys to do it also. So, let’s look at some basic tips to help plan out blogging goals this year. 

Write down your goals

Sounds obvious, but I think most of us don’t. Write down your goals, start with what you want to achieve by the end of the year. Then you can asses what you need to achieve every month to get there. This doesn’t matter if you are trying to get more traffic to your website, more views or subscribers to your Youtube channel, plan all the same. 

When goal setting remember to be realistic. A goal to gain 1 million Youtube subscribers in 6 months is not going to happen, but growing 10 thousand in one year is a lot more likely. 

Now that you have written them down, you are more committed to them than just saying them. Now, put your goals in view, either on a wall, or the background of your computer, somewhere you will see them every day. This way they will always be on your mind. 

Time is your enemy

Have you ever said this “I did post a blog in a while as I’ve been so busy with other things.”

I think most of us have. Time is and will always be our biggest challenge. If your blog is a hobby or something on the side for you, then you are going to neglect it when other things come along. I fully admit I’m guilty of this. 

This is 2019, and I don’t want this to happen anymore. Stop-start writing Is a big problem for me. So, I spend a full day writing down blog topics for this site and another site I own. I have over 60 topics for this site and 30 for the other. This result was worth spending one day on. 

To create a constant flow of content on to your blog, why not try writing blogs well in advance, so you have stock (providing your niche allows it). For example, I wrote 4 blogs in one week, but only posted 3. This means if there is an issue one day when writing a blog post I still have one in stock so I can keep up with my publishing schedule. 

Focus on one thing at once

This has been my biggest downfall. This has cost me a year in time, seriously. A lot of 2018 was wasted by my trying to do too many things at once, thus, producing lot lower quality results. If you have multiple ideas for different sites, focus on one as a priority and the second, treat as a hobby. 

If you are in a writing flow, carry on writing. Even if you finish that post jump straight on to the next. There is the situation we fall into where as soon as we finish the post we need to sort out images, publish it, and share on social media straight away. This will break you off your writing patter. Write a few posts first. Switching between tasks makes you less focuses.  

One idea worth trying is to allocate certain tasks to specific days. For example, create Youtube videos on Monday, write blogs on Tuesday and Wednesday, social media management on Thursday etc., find out what works best for you. When you find the pattern that best suits you, then you will be more focused, improving working speed and efficiency. 

Be around your own people

To stay on track, it can be useful to be around people who are doing the same as you. Meet with other bloggers, this can provide motivation and inspiration keeping your momentum to achieve your goals. Depending on where you are try networking events, online forums and communities, on other blog platforms etc. 

Monitoring your goals

So, you have set a goal of what you want to achieve by the end of 2019. Great, but now you need to break that down into monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily goals. If you don’t, you may ignore what you need to do until it is too late in the year to achieve what you set out. 

Your big yearly goals must be broken down. Monthly, weekly and daily goals are just little pieces of the big goal, but small ones are so much easier to achieve. Every small step is progress towards achieving your big goal. 

If you planned last year and failed, find out why. Was your goal unrealistic, did not do the necessary steps? Adjust now to prepare better for 2019 and make this year your year. 


What are your blogging goals this year?

Please tell me in the comments section below. 

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